01. We're going to [load] up the truck tonight, and then move everything to our new place in the morning.
02. I really [loaded] my plate at the buffet.
03. We [loaded] all our stuff into the car, and left for the campsite around noon.
04. He was carrying a big [load] of rocks in his truck, and got a flat tire.
05. Can you put another [load] in the washing machine while I fold the stuff in the dryer?
06. I can't go out tonight; I have [loads] of work to do.
07. I was just [loading] the film into my camera when I accidentally dropped it into the water.
08. There is an Italian proverb which states that a hundred wagon [loads] of thoughts will not pay a single ounce of debt.
09. Camels will refuse to carry [loads] that are not properly balanced.
10. Early guns took so long to [load] and fire that bows and arrows, in trained hands, were twelve times more efficient.
11. A mosquito, full of blood, is able to fly carrying a [load] twice its own weight.
12. When llamas are over[loaded], they will lie down, hiss, spit and kick, and refuse to move.
13. Mint tea is the national drink in Morocco, and is served very hot and [loaded] with sugar.
14. The boat steamed into New York harbor with its [load] of immigrants.
15. Now that I have a high-speed Internet connection, I can [load] pictures, songs, and video files in seconds.
16. Phillips Brooks once said, "I do not pray for a lighter [load], but for a stronger back."
17. Someone once joked that a thousand words are worth a picture - and they [load] faster, too.

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